In the current world of craft beer lovers, lagers (and especially classic German lagers) are often considered boring by experts & casual drinkers alike. But I really enjoy a beer that can be subtle while still having interesting textures and flavors. And there are quite a few smaller German breweries that produce amazing simple beers. I just had the “Mord und Totschlag” from Kyritzer & despite it’s fearsome name- it translates into English as “Murder & Manslaughter”- it’s a fairly classic black lager with fantastic roasty flavor & slight richness that reminds me a bit of good coffee ice cream splashed into an egg cream.

Dave Herman is a Certified Specialist of Spirits with close to two decades of experience in the food and beverage industry. His classes and tastings have been featured at The Institute of Culinary Education and 92nd Street Y. He has been a key contributor in bars, restaurants, retail, importers, distributors, events & worked every position from bartender to sales, & from management to ownership.

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