I’ve been on a bit of a crusade the last few years to get people to try good aged rum. Rum is so much more than something to mix with coke or an ingredient in a fruity cocktail. The subtle sweetness & deep earthiness of the better aged rums are instant hits with people who approach them with an open mind. Especially in an age when bourbon has become both hugely popular & often quite expensive, I find I get much more for my money but sacrifice nothing in enjoyment when my glass is filled by folks much further south than Kentucky.

I’ve become a big fan of Venezuelan rum recently, in part thanks to a generous gift of Cacique Antiguo from a good friend who happens to be an ex-pat. It’s so dry it approaches cognac in flavor & body, with a mellow warmth that is best appreciated neat. Since Cacique isn’t available in the US, Pampero Aniversario is a great option for anyone looking to see what Venezuela has to offer.

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Dave Herman is a Certified Specialist of Spirits with close to two decades of experience in the food and beverage industry. His classes and tastings have been featured at The Institute of Culinary Education and 92nd Street Y. He has been a key contributor in bars, restaurants, retail, importers, distributors, events & worked every position from bartender to sales, & from management to ownership.

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